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If you enjoy thrillers by Nelson DeMille, Lee Child, and David Morrell, check out Warren Whitmire’s debut novel, “Only the Dead.”

One retired intelligence officer, one criminal gang, and a struggle that may tear a town apart.

Hank McCaskill never thought of himself as a hero, much less a saint. While serving his fifth combat tour in the Middle East, he struggles daily with his Christian faith. He also leads a team of intelligence specialists searching for a brutal and elusive insurgent leader. He dreams of a peaceful retirement and a bountiful garden. But while Hank was fighting America’s enemies abroad, a gang of vicious criminals was was terrorizing his hometown. Hank’s homecoming is shattered when he crosses paths with these violent men. Frustrated with the seeming inaction of the police, and struggling with post-traumatic stress and alcoholism, Hank sets out to find and unmask these men. Armed with the skills he learned in the Army, Hank begins his search, not yet understanding what may really be at stake, and not yet willing to accept that only the dead have seen the end of war.

Can Hank connect the dots to find these men before they strike next? What dark secrets will his search uncover? And can he overcome his own demons along the way?

“Only the Dead” is the first book in the Hank McCaskill thriller series.


To visit and explore far-flung worlds is a unique treasure, unmatched by any other pleasure.
Spencer Steeves has always clung to this belief and wondered if writers were simply the lucky few able to glimpse worlds beyond the ken of regular mortals.
Fueled at first by the works of authors such as Brandon Mull, John Flanagan, and Lisa McMann, Spencer’s mind began to glimpse new worlds at a young age. Living in a small Connecticut town where there wasn’t often much to do, he’d retreat to his backyard, where he kept sticks and tree branches in all sorts of odd shapes. In his free time, he’d pretend these were magical medieval weapons and monsters. He hosted grand tournaments of warriors and battles between creatures, both mighty and small. As he grew older, though, he started delving into new ways to express his creativity. What started as a fan-fiction with an original team exploring the world of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, soon blossomed into stories about worlds all his own. He dabbled with several different stories, creating the basis of several tales that he’s working on to this day. But it all culminated in his first year of college when he decided to expand upon an intriguing universe he’d used for a board game in a high school game design class. Inspiration struck, and he wrote every day for a month, spending every free moment between and after classes in the computer lab. By the end of that month, the first draft of his first published novel, Everything Under the Sun lay before him. Since then, he’s continued to work at new ideas, discovering a variety of new lands on the planets of Keylis and Terranae Chit’l, and he has no plans to stop exploring any time soon.


Joan H. Young has been writing stories about the outdoors since the age of 7, when “The Adventures of Skippy the Field Mouse” made its debut. The work survives, but is best left in the box with crayon drawings of squirrels and pressed leaves.

“The Family Christmas,” a seasonal poem made it as far as the local newspaper when she was 12, proving that the serious child was already harboring an evil sense of humor.

In 2005, North Country Cache made its debut for the 25th Anniversary of the North Country Trail. Since then, more and more of her time has been spent writing. If only more and more money came from that endeavor, it could be called a career!

Joan H. Young has enjoyed the out-of-doors her entire life. Girl Scouting provided yearly training in camp skills, and the opportunity to engage in a 10-day canoe trip. She rode a bicycle from the Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean in 1986, and completed the North Country National Scenic Trail in 2010, the first woman to hike the entire trail. She hiked the 4800 miles of the NCT again in 2022-23. The books North Country Cache and North Country Quest recount her adventures.

A regular contributor to several publications on quiet recreation, she also does freelance editing.

She now writes mostly fiction, including short stories, mysteries and mysteries for children.


When it comes to food, Wayne Stolt has seen it all: the good, the bad, and the tasty! Wayne is a 30-year veteran of the food service business, ranging from fast food, to casual dining, fine dining, catering, and teaching. He has a bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management from Eastern Michigan, and a Master’s degree in teaching from Wayne State University. Wayne enjoys bicycling and nonchalantly studying service and food while eating out.


Leeorah lived a charmed life and was an avid traveler. This all changed when the pandemic hit. She like the rest of the world was consequently grounded.She used this time to go deep within to face her biggest monsters.This is the inspirational memoir of overcoming childhood trauma, repressed memories and food addictions. Leeorah worked with a Kitchen Therapist to face the past nightmares, allowing harmonic back into her life.


We often hear about Diabetes in the news or from other sources, but often don’t understand the entire scope of the condition. Diagnosed with Diabetes Mellitus Type 1 in 1964, Lucy’s story provides an emotional and detailed first -hand account of her diabetic journey. The memoir candidly reveals diabetic effects managing the condition as well as impacts with school, infections, stress, friends, peer-pressure, dating, marriage, career, caregiving and the continuous desire to be normal.


As a massage therapist for almost two decades, I’m pretty sure I have heard it all and seen it all. And now I want to share it all!

This is NOT an erotic novel, but rather a collection of my personal experiences, written down to make you laugh and make you cringe, packed with more than a few “I can’t believe that actually happened” moments!

So curl up and get ready to read about the embarrassing moments, knotty tissues, and draping mishaps that have shaped me into the therapist I am today.

Some chapters include adult content!


Twenty-four-year-old Tori Stewart is on the threshold of a promising career in musical theatre. Despite her crippling performance anxiety, she has her eyes set on her dream of performing on Broadway. She is engaged to her lifelong best friend, Evan, and her path seems to be set. She decides to take a summer to work as a performer on an Alaskan cruise before her wedding, but her entire life’s plan is turned upside down when she meets the love of her life and experiences intense love and passion like she has never known before. Will she risk losing her best friend forever to be with this man?


Aldous takes pride in his well-formatted ability to remain in control. To achieve such a goal, he securely locks deep within himself all elements from the seven decades of his past that could shake his precisely placed footing. Then a new family moves across the street, and with it, a five-year-old boy named Dakota with an uncanny ability to gnaw under Aldous’s skin. Bit by bit, Aldous’s carefully placed façade peels away, allowing God’s enduring love to push Aldous to face his past and bring him to his knees, asking God’s forgiveness while finding new freedom. To forgive is to give up on the wish for a different past so that we might embrace the present. The Hidden Diamond is a powerful story of forgiveness.


Recollections and Recipes of an Army Brat is a compilation of stories and recipes taking the author through her army brat years to her Nana years.

Having travelled extensively in Europe and the States, the author shares her perspective of life and food.


As a child, Sarah Walters never felt comfortable anywhere. Sarah grew up with Cerebral Palsy and using a manual wheelchair. Although her parents and brothers supported her as much as they could Sarah never really felt like she fit anywhere. Although Sarah portrayed confidence and independence she was always holding it all together by only a thread on the outside. This is a story of a kid that is just trying to find her way in life, and being okay with the decisions she will eventually have to make. Will she follow the path that’s safe or the path of her dreams?

Joanna quinn

Joanna Quinn’s middle-grade novel, Greta Grace, is a candid reflection of middle school and high school student dynamics. The plot is well developed with multiple tangents and believable situations intertwined throughout. The characters and setting are well developed and dialogue is used effectively to carry the story along.


Embark on a profound 12-week voyage of self-discovery and transformation with Dannielle Nelson’s debut masterpiece “Stop Abusing Yourself With Your Past”. As a catalyst for healing, this transformative mirror guides readers seeking personal reflection and self-discovery by offering a rich tapestry of thought-provoking ideas.

This captivating journey merges personal narratives, scientific insight, and spiritual wisdom into daily practices that are personally empowering.


When Lizzie leaves her Amish home, she’s faced with the great unknown. The foreign world she enters is full of new and delightful things, yet sadness is often present. The loving support of Mennonite families, plus her self discipline and work ethic help direct her educational desires toward reality.

This is book 1 of 3 in a series. View the full series with the link below!


After the death of her mother, Emma works tirelessly to honor her memory by caring for her Da and two brothers. Her workload is a hefty one, which leaves no time for such luxuries as being courted by a suitor. Lonely, Emma seeks comfort in knowing she’s doing right by her family and her Lord.

But when a young man rescues Emma from a scoundrel, he awakens feelings within her that she never knew existed. Suddenly, her life is filled with laughter and joy- as well as a cloud of worry that this new bliss will end.


If you want to dig a little deeper into uncovering the autopilot of daily routine, put this book on your coffee table or nightstand to gain new perspectives on life.
Awaken the deeper parts of the intellect and breathe new life into your soul by contemplating which direction your life is heading, why you do what you do, and to choose the most productive way forward.
Whenever you pick it up, you’ll find something new to think about on each page, from humor to harsh realities to ponder your journey along the path of personal development.


Rescuing Molly is a story which is for the very young and any family member who loves dogs. Molly is a very special Bishon. She is given a new family after her mom passes away. This story is about new beginnings and hope.


My name is Jen Dial, and I was born and raised in Van Nuys, CA and has lived in various places along the west coast. After moving to San Diego in 2011, I began my journey as a female entrepreneur when I started my mobile notary/loan closer/realtor business. Fast forward to present day, and I am living in San Antonio, TX where I am pursuing my dream of writing and helping other women achieve their goal of being an entrepreneur.


~Premier Featured Author~

I’m Kittye Sharron and I’m a published author in the U.S. I have a goal! It is to present my work in a way that targets hurting people who are barely hanging on to the threads of Christianity. My desire is to reach an audience for whom hope is difficult to grasp because something, or someone they love and care for, is sucking the very life out of them! My aim is to provide clarity and a way to escape the throes of a sinful world by providing personal solutions toward victory.


Hello! I am Philip A. Moore, a published author and a photographer.  I am also autistic which makes this journey even more special. I have been photographing for eleven years. I like to do landscapes as they take me back to the time I took them.  As for my writing, I have three books written in a series called, ‘The Legacy of King Arthur’. They are, ‘Camelot’s Heirs’, ‘Samhain’s Sacrifice’, and ‘Village of Children’. I am currently writing ‘The Fairy Wars’. All of my books are co-written with my mother.


In the blackest of his nights in an ICU, this author meets the Grim Reaper. Realizing he’d never lived “his own life,” but instead was always trying to be who others wanted—the good Mormon son, the controllable husband, the dependable employee doing a job he hated—but never being the man he wanted to be, nor could he see that his life had ever mattered to anyone, not even to himself. And so he begs for more time, time to become that man.

The Reaper’s demands are simple: The courage to step through his every fear, and honesty —honesty to the Reaper, but more so to himself. But to become that man required him to first know the man he was. And so he, and the Reaper embark on a trip through his past, only this time shown to him in the light of the real truths of life, the Spiritual Laws.

What would it be like to have the Grim Reaper as a friend, whispering life’s great truths into your ear—truths you never knew—truths few men will ever know? Seeing one’s self by that light he saw a different life.

Is that something you’d like to see about yourself? Buy the book. Take this journey with me—now . . . today. I’m Edmond E. Frank and this Gold Literary Award winning book is based on my true life story. And those Spiritual Laws—ever read the book or watch the movie The Secret? This book is The Secret on steroids.


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