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LaShay Nicole Publishing Solutions
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 by The Ewing's Publishing Company
Review of The Bipolar Marriage

must-read for anyone interested in mental health, personal growth, and the resilience required to overcome life's most challenging obstacles.

 by Terri Godwin
The support I needed

I don’t have words to express my gratitude. Barbara has been a gift from God. As I begin my publishing journey, feeling lost and overwhelmed, she has stepped in and taken the reigns for me. She has a heart of gold and is a wealth of information, giving me genuine support for my project and the feeling that I have made a friend. I give her my highest recommendation.

 by Katie Wood

Barb worked with me for the past several months on a big project, a series of three books. She has worked with me every step of the way, from editing, marketing and everything in between. She is always available for endless questions, going the second, third, etc. mile. My project would never have come to fruition without her/company.

 by Chotu Lala
Barbara is a blessing to me, from India

I know Barbara from quite a while, I met her around end of 2013 or starting of 2014. I used to join lots of anxiety group and trying to get help, and in some anxiety group she posted about her group where she was giving her book(12 Healing Steps Out of the Pain of Abuse) for free and I saw that and immediately joined the group. And in her group and reading her book help me in way I can't even explain.

I been sexually abused when I was 13 year old but I kept it as secret until I met Barbara her book and her group encouraged me to open up and let it out that hurting secret.

I did not even know its been hurting me until I let go. After I let it out I felt tons of pressures has been released.

And because of her I able to understand this feeling and learned to share. And I also told about my abuse to my psychiatrist and she understand.

I not only got help from her I learned lots of things from Barbara and I really enjoyed her groups, I had great time with her and I have met great people cuz of her.

I was so shy at first she encouraged me and I remembered that I have posted my first picture in her group. And I had good response from her and her group moderator name Lizzy Daniels. Caring people.

She is blessing.

- Chotu, India

 by Julie Simmons
How you have helped me

Barbara Elaine Kompik I think that your focus on selling books at in-person events in order to retain more of your own profits rather than losing them to the middle man like Amazon, is great. After doing my first event last weekend, I realize that face-to-face is the best way to sell. Online, I am one of thousands of others doing the same thing, but when you have real live people in front of you, it's a totally different ball game. You are able to make a personal connection and pitch your book to the people who stop at your table. The author's enthusiasm can be felt, thus making it more likely that people will follow through with buying the book. I also loved your advice about how to make your table appealing. I think it really worked for me.

 by Faith Ijiga
Buckets of Tears

Let me start by taking a moment to express my deepest gratitude for giving me the honor of reading the book detailing the final moments of your son's life. It was an incredibly powerful and moving experience for me, one that has kept me in deep reflection every single day since. Your courage in sharing such a personal and poignant story is truly admirable, and I am humbled to have been entrusted with it. And you are right: I cried buckets of tears, all my insides melted, and I could not hold back from telling my siblings and my best friend about your book that very day.

 by Jeff Whitmire
Knowledgeable and resourceful!

I needed help developing the marketing plan for self-publishing my debut novel. Barbara’s knowledge of sales and marketing - and her ability to answer questions and refer me to resources - proved critical in moving my novel forward. I recommend that other debut novelists use her services.

 by Sarah Hepworth
Beautiful collection

Your collection of 15 books spans a wide range of topics, from healing from abuse and trauma to memoirs about your son's impactful life and passing, a children's book, and a cookbook. Your diverse body of work touches lives, offering comfort, inspiration, and practical guidance to readers on various aspects of life's journey. Keep sharing your light through your words, as they have the power to touch and transform lives.

 by Julie Simmons
Your tips worked!

I just had to tell you about my first ever event as an author selling and signing my books. It was a great day and I had a blast. I decorated my table with flowers and a tablecloth that highlight the colors of the book and I brought my New York, Seattle, and Alaska plushies for decoration as a conversation starter about the various locales featured in the book. I even brought colorful Sharpies so people could choose the color they wanted me to sign the book with. I sold 13 books and met some great people. Thanks for your tips on things to do to make the table appealing.

You've been really awesome. I've gotten some great free exposure from you with getting me in on this new online bookstore and including me on your featured author page for such a low fee. You offer tips on your Facebook group and by doing your Zoom a couple of weeks ago. That is all so appreciated by those of us with limited funds.

 by Katie Wood
Always helpful

I've worked with Barb the last while. My series books have been published and she continues to help me with marketing. Always helpful with lotsa questions and is patient with my endless questions since I'm "older" and technology illiterate!

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