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Barbara's Books Go To Hollywood!

Heaven’s Mist, a searing memoir penned by Barbara E. Kompik, tracing her journey of faith as she was confronted by events leading up to the death of her son’s untimely death at 31, is being adapted for the screen. The book gives readers a no holds barred look at a woman wrestling with the meaning of God’s purpose, and reaping from it her own special mission in life. Several potential producers have expressed interest in developing the project, including HBO, Playtone (Tom Hanks’ production company), Imagine Entertainment (owned by Ron Howard), and Hallmark Channel. Screenwriter Alan Roth is handling the adaptation. “This is a story for anyone who has dwelt in the abyss, and struggled to find the strength to climb out,” he said. “It is not for the faint of heart. It is a survivor’s story.”

– Alan Roth, New York Screen Writer

“Sometimes writing a book is an act of courage. Such is the case with Heaven’s Mist, a searing memoir in journal form written by Barbara Kompik as she sits at her terminally ill son’s bedside. The author does not seek to comfort the reader that she’ll survive this tragedy. She puts the reader right inside the hospital room as she struggles to find meaning in what has happened, and a reason to continue on in her own life. It isn’t always clear that she will. Remarkably, she finds the strength to move on and in doing so embarks on a new mission in life. Much of the narrative is a primal scream for help, and when the help arrives, it is from someplace deep within herself.”

My books, Heaven’s Mist & Finding My Voices have been selected by screen writers to become films. Stay tuned!  

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Every year LaShay Nicole Publishing Solutions donates Monies to The Garden, A Dale W. Kompik II Memorial to purchase Christmas gifts, groceries, and Christmas trees to those less fortunate.

Every year our fund grows and grows as more and more people become involved. Every year more precious children and moms and dads are gifted with something they wouldn’t have otherwise.

Barbara E. Kompik, President

Author, Consultant, & Publisher

Author consultant & publisher

As an author, consultant & publisher, I have extensive experience in editing, publishing, marketing, and selling books. I am an international speaker and an author of over 14 books, which has given me extensive personal experience in the print and digital book industry. From basic consulting to designing your book cover, I can be as involved as you need. I have 11 years of higher education behind me in psychology and social work, also in business and creative writing.

I often volunteer my time helping others who struggle with bipolar disorder or abuse. After starting the organization, Healing from Abuse Ministries International, with over 100,000 visitors from all over the world, I started donating my books to other organizations that help with healing. I live a quiet and contented life with my husband of 40 years on the coastline of Lake Michigan, am intensely proud of my grown daughters, and will forever miss my son who left us all far too soon.