After writing 14 books and self-publishing them all over 20 years Barbara began publishing for friends that she met online. A firm believer in social media advertising she launched her Publishing Company in 2022 and within 6 months the business had grown to include eight additional contractual individuals from all over the United States from designing to advertising and websites. Barbara Works internationally with authors to provide publishing and marketing tools to increase sales for each author she deals with. Each person on staff is dedicated to Bringing excellent service and product that exceeds expectations. With a great staff with great people and great clientele Barbara has found in her retirement years a niche that brings her much satisfaction. And LaShay Nicole publishing Solutions was born.


Encouraging authors with love and inspiration. It is our goal in life to help others reach their dreams whether that’s a first-time author just starting out or perhaps the seasoned author who might have a blockbuster film within the pages of their book.

Jennie Dial was born and raised in Van Nuys, CA in the San Fernando Valley, but has lived in other areas in the Los Angeles area, such as Santa Monica and West Los Angeles.  The mother of three and grandmother of two, her children and grandchildren have always been a source of pride and she spent the majority of her life working as a full-time mother and loving every minute of it! Those days were also spent volunteering and helping others in any way that she could, as well as working in the private sector as an executive administrative assistant, florist, sales, realtor, interior design and small business owner. In 2011, she  moved to San Diego, CA and began to actively search for ways she could attain her dream of writing children’s books and creating a place for women entrepreneurs to nurture their dreams of one day owning their own business.  She has always been an entrepreneur in her heart ever since she was a little girl and was always searching for ways to be the owner of her own business.  Her first attempt was to make crochet bikinis and sell them out of the bean bag shop she worked at when she was 14 years old!  Real estate, interior design, and skin care were just a few of her interests of business, and when she moved to San Diego she developed a successful notary/loan closer business, becoming one of the top closing agents in the state.  In 2019, she decided to move to San Antonio and is now actively pursuing her dream of writing children’s books, designing covers for other independent authors and helping other women to achieve their goal of becoming a successful entrepreneur. She has found that helping others was truly one of the best things she could do to continue to grow and nurture her own entrepreneurial journey. Today she is the author of “The Adventures of Jack and Milo,” and is currently working on the third book of that series. Her woman’s entrepreneurial business is taking shape and should be launched sometime next year.  She is also working as a book cover designer and social medial marketing designer.  She is reaching for the stars and going to take it as far into the universe as she can go! 

As owners of Brooks Elite Contracting, Chuck & Jen Brooks help small businesses and individuals grow their trade through affordable web design, social media marketing, app development, promotional video development, and everything in between! After attending college for business, they both fell in love with small business marketing because they had many business owning family members who were tired of paying high prices to large companies for marketing tactics that were clearly not custom or effective. Fast forward seven years, they have many happy clients within a plethora of industries that are local to northern Michigan, throughout the US, and up to Canada. 

David is a professional book illustrator formed at Francisco de Goya Art Academy in Mexico City. He has 13 years living in NYC (American citizen since 2018), where the environment is very competitive for Artists. With no connections in the Art world, David has achieved the representation of an Art gallery, the possibility of imparting Art lessons with the NYCDOE, and being a published book illustrator. We feel very proud to have David as one of our Artists, not just because of his beautiful handmade Art but also because of the great value that he offers to our clients.

Nia Confer is a creative director who maximizes productivity in the communication departments of small businesses and creative brands through education, digital marketing strategy and organizational template products. Nia believes that small, yet talented creators can compete in large media markets when they’re empowered with education and streamlined marketing & content creation workflows.
    Nia has worked with notable clients like the American Red Cross, the City of Birmingham through the office of Mayor William A. Bell, independent recording artists C1UB:AM & the Black wHole Music record label in content creation, brand ambassadorship, and marketing management capacities. Currently she is working towards increasing small business’ and creative brand’s online presences and authority with ready-to-use content creation tactics & consulting.  
    Nia holds a degree in Communications Management from the University of Alabama in Birmingham.
    When she is not educating marketers, Nia enjoys theology, fiction writing, and cookie decoration.


Audiobook Narration

Nia Confer is the voice-over pro you’ve been searching for! She’s been narrating and producing books like a boss, using the Amazon ACX self-publishing platform, with a flawless 100% success rate. Her jam is Christian books, so if you’re looking for a clean-cut, no-cursing audio experience, Nia is your gal!
She’s able to produce 30,000 words, transforming them into ready-to-publish audio gold in just 15 days flat! And here’s the kicker: You get up to three chances to tweak the final product (revisions). Nia records everything in a sound-proof studio with crystal-clear quality. Plus, she’s a communication ninja, always keeping clients in the loop and delivering ahead of schedule. Let’s chat about your project, and she’ll whip up a custom 1-minute demo reel, no strings attached!”
Email Nia HERE

A member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, screenwriter Alan Roth
works with studios, networks, and independent producers on developing projects for both
film and TV.

Winner of a special Academy Award for original screenplay, current productions based
on his work include The Book of Leah, starring Armand Assante, and Jersey City Story,
produced by Michael Strahan/ABC. Both are due for 2023 release.

Joan H. Young has enjoyed the out-of-doors her entire life. Girl Scouting provided yearly training in camp skills, and the opportunity to engage in a 10-day canoe trip. She rode a bicycle from the Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean in 1986, and completed the North Country National Scenic Trail in 2010, the first woman to hike the entire trail. She hiked the 4800 miles of the NCT again in 2022-23. The books North Country Cache and North Country Quest recount her adventures.
A regular contributor to several publications on quiet recreation, she also does freelance editing.

She now writes mostly fiction, including short stories, mysteries and mysteries for children.

Julie Simmons has a Bachelor of Arts in English and Bachelor of Education degrees from Memorial University of Newfoundland. She currently resides in Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada with her husband of 30 years, Rodney. Her passions in life (besides her husband, of course) include musical theatre, Disney, and Christmas. She has been the host of On The Marquee, a musical theatre themed radio show, since 2017, which is now syndicated in Canada. She also teaches courses in musical theatre for an adult learners society in Kamloops. Julie has been legally blind since birth and is a peer support volunteer with the Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB). She published her first novel, That’s How You Know, on December 1st, 2023.

As an author, consultant & publisher, I have extensive experience in editing, publishing, marketing, and selling books. I am an international speaker and an author of over 14 books, which has given me extensive personal experience in the print and digital book industry. From basic consulting to designing your book cover, I can be as involved as you need. I have 11 years of higher education behind me in psychology and social work, also in business and creative writing.

I often volunteer my time helping others who struggle with bipolar disorder or abuse. After starting the organization, Healing from Abuse Ministries International, with over 100,000 visitors from all over the world, I started donating my books to other organizations that help with healing. I live a quiet and contented life with my husband of 40 years on the coastline of Lake Michigan, am intensely proud of my grown daughters, and will forever miss my son who left us all far too soon.