Every year LaShay Nicole Publishing Solutions donates Monies to The Garden, A Dale W. Kompik II Memorial to purchase Christmas gifts, groceries, and Christmas trees to those less fortunate.

Every year our fund grows and grows as more and more people become involved. Every year more precious children and moms and dads are gifted with something they wouldn’t have otherwise.

Dale was an extraordinary young man in that he had great faith and was a great humanitarian who offered to buy cups of coffee just a strangers and coffee shops in downtown Grand Rapids Michigan and also ask them to join him to share their struggles in life. Upon listening to their stories, he would ask to pray for them which of course they said yes.

He made enduring friendships this way both locally and around the globe single-handedly. He also shared the Gospel of Jesus Christ to each and every person that he met.

He became ill with pneumonia which turned septic and was given an emergency single lung amputation two days after entering emergency at a local hospital. Within 2 weeks they amputated both his legs at the knees. His hands were dying and they were wanting to amputate them also.

He fought very hard to overcome his deadly illness though he was completely paralyzed and sedated throughout his entire Hospital stay of 6 weeks.

Hundreds of people came far and wide when they heard that he was very ill and they wanted to pray for him as he had prayed for them. Nations were represented in his hospital room as people came to visit him and pay their last respects.

He touched lives by giving.

We believe in picking up the torch and continuing that mission with those among us that need a helping hand at Christmas time.

Please give in the spirit of Dale with a heart full of love and compassion and also in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.