The Unstoppable Creative Bipolar Personality



(A Collection: Offering Hope and Healing from Trauma)

“Excellent book about bipolar”

– Connie, The United Kingdom

“This book is so easy to read. One of the best and more positive books that I have read on this subject. Would highly recommend.”

– Meredith Uhl, Canada

“Amazingly written! It is nice to know I am not alone!”

Those with bipolar personality disorder suffer in silence as they battle demons on the inside of their lives with depressive lows and manic highs.

Though it is becoming more common, those afflicted feel the intense emotions on a level that many people considered “normal” don’t experience.

Loneliness and the fears of losing those they love the most are ever present because of the difficulty in managing the extreme emotions and the aftereffects they leave in their wake.

Most people feel they are stuck in this dreary and uncontrollable illness alone.

But Barbara has given those who suffer a reason to hope, heal, and finally rise from the ashes into the glorious light of a world filled with creativity and intelligence and many special gifts that the person with bipolar illness can hang onto with pride.

Now the stigma of mental illness is being eradicated with Barbara’s inspiring words that this illness is nothing to be ashamed of any longer. Rather, it is to be CELEBRATED and embraced as a gift!

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