It’s My Life & I’m Sticking Through It


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Life can be cold and callous sometimes. When we get down, it feels like we’re the only one in the world that feels depressed. None of us will make it through life without some form of trauma. Good friends, therapy, and faith are how I’ve made it through thus far. It’s My Life… and I’m Stickin’ Through It is a diary of musings, served up in bite-sized chapters, on how I survived obstacles, abuse, and the loss of a child. By the end of this book, you will have the tools at your disposal to persevere through life-altering events with both grace and faith.

The Road

The road to happiness is to expect little and give much…even when it hurts, even when it is not appreciated, even if it does not return to you. For in giving, there are many hidden treasures.

You must be willing to walk the road alone sometimes. It is in those solitary moments when you find yourself alone that God can whisper the secrets of his soul, to mingle his soul with yours. There, you find true communion and companionship.


I must follow my path. And you must follow yours. And if we happen to meet as our paths go separate ways, we will smile and say we have learned something from each other. That makes it all worth it.

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1 review for It’s My Life & I’m Sticking Through It

  1. Zack Z., USA Military

    This book is very interesting and motivative,and is written by a woman with virtue.

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