Finding My Voices



(A Collection: Offering Hope and Healing from Trauma)

Anyone who has been traumatized needs to read this book as it gives a detailed description of the pain that one feels but has difficulty escaping, which cannot be handled alone. Trauma is a very real and deadly game of reality versus and unreality, as it changes a person’s perspective of themselves and the world they live in. Barbara weaves this story superbly and brings the reader into Annie’s world where no one has ever gone before.

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1 review for Finding My Voices

  1. – Kittye S., Michigan

    “Finding My Voices” by Barbara E. Kompik, is a true story which is so compelling that once you begin reading it will keep you turning the pages to its conclusion.

    This author candidly shares details of trauma as she struggles just to survive the horrific memories of the atrocities inflicted on her.

    The book is well-crafted, has a storyline which is extremely intriguing, and an irresistible appeal is felt….

    This book touches the heart as desperate attempts unfold, to not only escape a life of turmoil and pain, but to heal now from various mental disorders which were a direct result of her traumatic past.

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