Show Me Your Glory, My God and My Savior: A Mother’s Grief for Her Son


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A healthy young man suddenly turns deathly ill with three strains of sepsis throughout his entire body. With everything the medical field knows to do, both hospital staff and family rally to save Dale’s life. In an effort to save him, Dale undergoes a removal of one lung, is given a breathing machine to keep his other lung from collapsing, is put on kidney and liver dialysis, has both legs amputated at the knee with his hands going next, has a sophisticated machine to pump four units of blood a minute into his body and circulating it into his entire bloodstream to filter the toxins, and is hooked up to 14 lines of IV’s, while lying paralyzed and sedated throughout the entire ordeal of six weeks. Barbara shares her thoughts, insights, prayers, and cries of her heart as she watches her only son die before her very eyes. But yet, her faith grows in the sovereignty of her Most Holy God, as she puts her trust in him to hold her baby boy within his grasp. Listen to the angels sing, preparing for her son’s arrival into heaven. Listen to a mother comfort those who have come to comfort her. Listen to the faith and strength she musters to face one of the loneliness tasks a mother is ever asked to do.

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